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Darren Dirt:

--- Quote from: "Mr. Analog" ---Good lord, how can this man still be going, where does he get funding from and how does he get the likes of Ben Kingsly to be in Bloodrayne?

--- End quote ---

"My favourite game is Postal because it is so politically incorrect [he laughs]. Not for the story though. Hitman and Silent Hill are also favourites."

^ That explains it. Not only is he "in league with Satan" but he's also one of the Evil One's biggest fans ;)

Well I'm not one to thread resurrect, but found this really interesting:

Seems Mr. Boll is now to direct Halo The Movie

No, please, stop... We DON"T need more video game movies, particularly ones by this director.

Darren Dirt:

--- Quote from: "Melbosa" ---Well I'm not one to thread resurrect, but found this really interesting:

Seems Mr. Boll is now to direct Halo The Movie
--- End quote ---


Manohman, you can certainly gauge the response of the masses by the titles of the IMDB threads... (some amusing posts in some of these)

Uwe boll directing? is this some kind of joke?
How the hell???!
UWE BOL!!!??
Why didn't Uwe Boll's mother just take the birth control pills?
MOTHER *beep*
Uwe Boll can *beep* off!
Uwe Bol? Why?
wtf Uwe Boll Directing?!

Apparently not exactly converts to the "Boll" style of filming video games... :roll:

- - -
but, breathe a sigh of relief:
FACT: UWE BOLL IS NOT DIRECTING THIS MOVIE!!!(quote)PROOF: -- Idiots need to stop updating IMDB with B.S. just to get a reaction.(/quote)

--- Quote from: "AICN" ---...Microsoft and Bungie are too protective of their sugar daddy big moneymaker to let Mr. HOUSE OF THE DEAD take the reins. Universal, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft and Bungie are too smart to let that happen. I've got my ear to the ground on this project, being a huge HALO fan and one that believes a really fun and really badass movie could be made from the story. I also believe the design of the game lends itself to a theatrical adaptation. Lord knows it can be done wrong, but that's true of any adaptation, wouldn't you say?
--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: "Darren Dirt" ---FACT: UWE BOLL IS NOT DIRECTING THIS MOVIE!!!
--- End quote ---

Thank goodness. Though I wager if Boll-ing-For-Dollars got his mitts on it he'd be hanging from the yardarm before ye could say "Arr! Jimboy arr!". Handing the reigns over to that poltroon'd be like Microsoft, Bungie, and all rabid fans 'cross the seas plying "please, take our booty and convert it to naught but plug nickels!".

I have to ponder yon question "why do we need more video game movies?". Indeed, after gazing upon the Doom trailer I had to exclaim "avast!". It looked about as entertainin' as scrapin' barnacles off a hull while the ship is movin'.

In yon case of FFVII I knew since quite a few fortnights ago they were edgin' towards a new production as suggested durin' the release of Before Crisis. The lubbers at Squarenix plan to cash in on the hoard by releasin' two new games and possibly a remakin' of the original FF VII for PS3. So I figgers it's more of a package deal, is what it is rather than some one shot off the port bow.

EDIT: Updated me link to a better one


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